Shopping Area

Bandung is famous for its factory outlet. Here are some Factory Outlet information

  • FO Rumah Mode at Jalan Setiabudi is only 10 minutes from our hotel
  • Paris Van Java Mall at Jalan Sukajadi is only 15 minutes from our hotel
  • Jeans lovers will find their need at Jalan Cihampelas is only 10 minutes from our hotel
  • Ciwalk Mall at Jalan Cihampelas is only 10 minutes from our hotel
  • Factory Outlet at Jalan Dago is only 20 minutes from our hotel

Tours and Sightseeing

  • Mount Tangkuban Perahu : 20 minutes drive from hotel, is an ideal place to see a giant crater from an active volcano in Bandung.
  • Boscha Observatorium : 10 minutes drive from hotel. Located at north Bandung, this is the oldest Observatory in South East Asia, built in 1920’s by wealthy Dutchman – Mr. Boscha, he dedicated this observatory to observe the sky. Until now, this observatorium is still being used to observe space and the stars.
  • Farm House Lembang : 8 minutes drive from hotel, Farm House Susu Lembang Farmhouse Susu Lembang is like entering a whole different realm. First opened in 2015, this park lets visitors experience classical European country sites, even including Hobbiton, the Village of hobbits which only exists in the Lord of the Ring Trilogy. Here you can find typical English Tudor houses, Country sites depicting Eguisheim town in France, and you can even dress up as 17th century Victorian English ladies and take pictures wearing them.
  • Floating Market Lembang :  15 minutes drives from hotel, Floating Market Lembang it is a market that is filled with an assortment of delicious food and snacks, and you enjoy it as you float on a boat on the lake, how’s that for a culinary sensation? More than just culinary delicacies, there are also other attractions that you can find here such as a Rabbit Park, Mini Becak (Traditional rickshaw) Rides, a Train Miniature Park, ATV Rides, and more.
  • De’Ranch Lembang : 15 minutes drives from hotel. At De’Ranch you can feel the sensation of horse riding like a cowboy complete with catchy outfits. Featuring an authentic atmosphere of a western ranch, here you can ride horses in cowboy style, ride horse drawn carriages,there are pony rides for children, play in the Indian Totem Web Pool, shoot in the archery arena, slide down the flying fox, and whole lot more exciting activities.
  • Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park : 20 minutes drives from hotel. Situated at the foot of Mount Burangrang, Dusun Bambu or the Bamboo Village is a unique eco-friendly recreation park that take visitors into the magnificent harmony of nature. Emphasizing on the seven aspects of life: Ecology (nature), Education, Economic, Ethnology (culture), Ethics, Esthetics (Aesthetics), and Entertainment, the park fuses the values of traditional culture with modern sustainable living. Visitors can walk around lush rice paddies, play at the bamboo playground, marvel at the beautiful gardens, take boat rides on the lake, or enjoy dining on Sundanese authentic taste at the beautiful lakeside restaurants. 
  • Gedung Sate : 25 minutes drive from hotel. This heritage building is the governor’s office of West Java Province. Built in 1920 by the Dutch with local and art deco style, this magnificent building is a must to visit and only 15 minutes from the hotel. Geology Museum: This museum has many Indonesian prehistoric collections from dinosaur’s bones to human skeletons. Built in 1929 by the Dutch colonial to preserve all the prehistoric collections, it is suitable to your children.
  • Asian Africa Building : 25 minutes drive from hotel. This conference building was made famous in 1955 when Indonesia held the first Asian African Conference, conducted by our first President, Mr. Ir. Soekarno. At present, it is a museum of Asian African Conference.